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Last updated: December 17, 2019

1. Reflect on and describe the key features of effective partnership working. When working in partnership you work alongside other professionals , family, friends to support the service user. The more information that is shared with other partnerships is beneficial for the wellbeing of the service user, with sharing information together it build a bigger picture for the support of the service users lifestyle. Each partnership may see different things in their visits with the service user. When all the working partners have input they can implement and plan for all the service users’ needs not just for one that maybe seen by one professional. As a Domiciliary manager I ask for a joint visit with the social worker to ensure that the service user is getting the support that the require and need. I will liaise with the family, service user and the professional and build a positive working relationship. For effective working relationship to work we need to have good communication written and oral ,to build a positive relationship in terms of respect, we need to have a good rapport and understanding, we need to share information, maintain good regular contact, and work altogether for the needs of the service user and promote a good working practice. Partnership working is about working with other agencies ,families and professionals to promote better outcomes for the individual by providing a person centred service from Presious Healthcare Ltd. (1.1).

2. Why is it important to work in partnership with?
– Colleagues – If the colleagues have a good working partnership that creates positivity and a good happy environment the service user usually is more open and relaxed the carers , co-workers etc. When building positive relationships its good as when it comes to sharing information, everyone knows what each other’s doing, colleagues will support each other , things will run smoother and they will enjoy doing their job by sharing knowledge and experience’s.
– Other professionals – Its benefits the service user and gets better outcomes if everyone is working in partnership with each other, everyone gets to see an insight of how much support the service user and family may need.
– Others – Building positive working relationships with service users and families allows everyone to understand what the other professionals are doing, it runs smoothly and the service user gets all the requirements they need

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