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Last updated: July 3, 2019

1.1- Depending on the situation I am in at work will require a different type of communication. For example, written communication methods like emails, letters and reports are all generally used in a more formal setting; when needing to inform a member of staff about information, while verbal communication will often be appropriate for informal situations – this situation is also obviously used in a meeting setting, but then a report/agenda (written) will be created for the meeting detailing what is to happen or what has been addressed in the meeting. Non-verbal communication involves the use and understanding of body language, this mainly happens when 2 or more people are together. The method of communication I use will always depend on who I am communicating with and also the type of information I am passing over.1.2- As vaguely mentioned, depending who I am talking to will depend on the method of communication.

For example, if I was communicating with a group of children I would change the way I speak so that the children understand the words I am saying, whereas if I was talking with my head of department then it would be a whole different situation. 1.3- a- The aim of having correct grammar is to ensure what is written is correctly understood. When a sentence contains grammatical errors it can be difficult to read and can cause misunderstandings. It is always important to use correct grammar when writing or speaking effectively to help people get a better understanding of what is said and to express communication more precisely and effectively.b.

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It is important to use correct sentence structure in business communication so your writing has variation and isn’t always the same. Using a variety of sentence types can emphasise different points and ideas. A good sentence structure allows the communication to be correctly interpreted whereas a poor sentence structure can be easily misinterpreted.c.

It is essential to use correct punctuation to enable the communication to be readable and easy to understand. Correct punctuation is used is a variety of ways in written communication, for example, it is used to separate sentences and to clarify the meaning of something. An error in punctuation can convey an incorrect meaning to what was initially intended. d. It is important to use the correct spelling in business communications as precise spelling makes it a lot clearer to understand the text. Incorrect spelling can lead to a lot of confusion, mistakes being made and communications being misconstrued. One misspelled word can change the entre meaning of a sentence giving the reader the wrong message or impression, this is called homophones, for example – To,/two/too, know/no, stare/stair and also the most common one there/their/they’re.1.

4- a large part of face to face communication is made up of non-verbal information and is expressed by body language and tone of voice. The tone of your voice includes the volume which you speak, the type of emotion you have will affect the way the words are said and the tone will change. This can lead to being misinterpreted and misjudges on how you say something, passing over the wrong information and impression – especially if you are talking to a manager. Body language reveals subconscious messages when communicating. Examples of body language include eye contact, facial expressions composure and gestures. Body language is recognised as instinctively.

Without having to be told what it means. When relaying messages a lot of the time it isn’t what you say it is how you say it, if your body language contradicts this, the message will not be clear to whom you’re talking to.


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