1. Does the question deal with a topic or issue that interests me enough to spark my own thoughts and opinions?
This question sparks my interest as it allows me to understand and elaborate on the different ways that technology has improved the chances pf getting pregnant and the many ways to do so (natural and the unnatural way). And to talk about how certain regions disagree with one or the other and what most people prefer as in ICIS or IVF and the pros and cons of both.

2. Is the question easily and fully researchable?
The research on What are the different ways technology has improved the chances of getting pregnant? I got 453,000,000 results for every 53 seconds. If I type the different ways technology has improved to assist reproduction? I get About 238,000,000 results. On the first search I received many websites the first to appear was www.varta.org.au , On the second search I received a large variety of websites and articles the first one to appear is a very reliable website www.ivf.com.au/fertility-treatment/ivf-treatment.

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3. What type of information do I need to answer the research question?
I need information about the different communities and reglious perspectives and views as well as the statistics of the amount of people that would consider or disagree completely with using new technology to assist their pregnancy.
I will need to find information about the different technologies available for pregnancy assists, the processes of these technologies, what the risks of the procedure are and the information that can be identified from them as this will show why parents would decide to use technology. This would then allow me to identify how it may be helpful or harmful it is to the unborn baby. This information will be found in article websites books forums and news reports.
4. Is the scope of this information reasonable?
The scope of the information is reasonable as it is an ongoing argument as to if using technology to assist your pregnancy is good or bad. There are many sources on this topic, and if this technology could improve the chances of giving birth if your infertile

5. Given the type and scope of the information that I need, is my question too broad, too narrow, or o.k.?
This research question covers many topics of the technology used which will expand into other aspects of IVF or ICIS allowing me to access many documents and websites with reliable data I would say this research question is ok there are no issues regarding the information most sources are reliable and extremely useful.

6. What sources will have the type of information that I need to answer the research question (journals, books, websites, magazines, government documents, and people)?
• Online Resource: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com, gives many sources and documents to assist my research on the topic.
• Website: https://www.varta.org.au talks about the IVF and how its involved
• Website: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au
• Book/journal: Marcia C Inhorn, (2010) Religion and Reproductive Technologies, volume 46 issue 2, www.anthrosource.onlinelibrary.com
• Article: Arthur L. Grail, (1989 (when reproductive technology became big), the Religious Response to Reproductive Technology, www.religion-online.com
• Medical websites: IVF Australia, treatments, specialists, fees, clinic https://www.ivf.com.au updated

7. Can I access these sources? State where source is accessed!!
These sources can be access through: the school library the internet etc.
these sources can be accessed online or by renting them at the Albany Creek Library where there are many different sources to use and primary and secondary sources can be found as well as the religious perspectives and views can all be found at the Albany creek library.

8. Given my answers to the above questions, do I have a good quality research question that I will be able to answer by doing research?
Overall, I think this research question is a good one, although out of the 3 chosen, this one doesn’t come close to be the best. This is because it focuses on religious perspectives on assisted reproduction in its entirety as well as the different technology that would be used.

1.1 Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role? Duty of care means to provide high quality care and support for individuals or service users within the law, policies, procedures and agreed ways of working of an employer. This services should be provided safely and in a safe environment.

1.2 Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals? It is employees duty of care of safeguard individuals from harm by reporting any issue concerning any aspect of their work. This can range from potential abuse cases, poor equipments, situation of neglect, poor practice by other staff and so on. Concerns can be raised to supervisor, manager or local authorities.
2.1 Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual’s rights? A conflict or dilemma may arise between duty of care and an individual’s right in situation of individual’s choices or making a decision. It is my responsibility to make sure that the individual is aware of the consequences of their choice and they full mental capacity to understand the risk that is involved in it. I can only give an advice, I cannot force them. I have to support the individual to make informed choices even if I disagree.
By avoiding the risk would limit the individual’s opportunities and choices. It is my duty of care to support them in making those decisions and to reduce the risks without compromising the individual’s rights. It is important to act in the individual’s best interest and keep them safe. Risk assessments can be carried out, if there is a serious risk of harm, it should be documented and discussed with a supervisor or manager.
2.2 Describe how to manage risks associated with conflicts or dilemmas between an individual’s rights and the duty of care? Risks can be managed by; recording the conflict or dilemma; risk assessment; reporting to a senior member of staff; making the individual or their family aware of the potential risks; allow the individual to acquire skills by learning how to cope with dangerous situation; allowing the individual to explore with support.
2.3 Explain where to get additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas? Additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas by talking to supervisor, line manager, health and social care team, mediation, advocacy services, CQC, internet and counseling services.
3.1 Describe how to respond to complaints? Complaints can be respond to by; listening to what the individuals; give the complainant time and respect; recording the information; report to a supervisor/line manager; ensuring the complainant knows what will happen next.
3.2 Explain the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints? Complaint must be made within a short timescale, it should be made immediately or between 2-3 days. If it is a verbal complaint, it is good to respond immediately and if this does not solve it, matter can be referred to the supervisor or manager straight away.
206 The role of the health and social care worker
1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship? There is a professional duty of care to the individuals that one support which is different from the relationships one have with family and friends. There are certain boundaries that one cannot cross such as, asking individual personal questions like one would ask a family member or friends. One must work within the professional boundaries set up by the employer. As an health and social care worker, my major role is to give high quality care and support individuals, help them to make choices and live an independent as possible.

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1.2 Describe different working relationships in health and social care settings? In the role of the health and social care, there are many different working relationships, they include; colleagues, managers, and other professionals (doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers), the individuals cared for, and their family and friends.

For each of these relationships, you develop a different type of working relationship depending on how often you see each other or close. Some will be formal and in others, it will be less. In whatever it is, you must ensure that you maintain professional manner all the time.
2.1 Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role? It is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role because what has been outlined (the where, when and how) to do and it is the best form of working. It gives the roles and responsibilities of what is expected from you.
3.1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others? In order to work effectively and deliver best quality service, health and social care worker is expected to work in team and partnership with other professionals and also work with individuals’ family members. This is for best result and because no organisation or person can deliver all the aspects involved alone.
3.3 Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts? In order to resolve conflicts as an health and social care workers, we must use different range of approaches and skills to help maintain conflict from becoming more intense. We can use good communication skills, listening skills, analyzing situations and also being diplomatic. We must show that we are open and ready to help resolve issues.

1.Explain the concept of rational expectations. How does this view on how expectation is formed differ from the assumption that workers formed expectations of current and future price levels based on past information about prices?
Rational expectations assume that people learn from past mistakes. Implications for economic policy. The impact of expansionary fiscal policy will be different if people change their behavior because they expect the policy to have a certain outcome. For example, if expansionary fiscal policy causes inflation last year, they will factor this into future expectations. Therefore, in the second year, if the government pursue more fiscal stimulus, unemployment may not fall at all, because people immediately adjust their inflation expectations in response to government policy.
The reason why expectation is formed from assumption is differ from formed expectations of current and future price levels based on past information about prices is because of historical data on the variable of interest has been found to be less logically satisfactory than alternative assumptions that have formed the basis of the competing hypothesis of rational expectations. Besides, value of the expectation/ coefficient may differ for various group of economic agents, individual and over time. In addition, expectation may lag actual when there change in trend. Changes in trend of a variable of interest may emanate from the behavior of related variable that affected by broader factors such as recent global financial crisis. Those, expected value not only depend on its own past values but also together with past, present and expected values of others related variable.
2. Compare the effect of expansionary monetary policy between the new Classical and Keynesian on output and employment.

In Keynesian view, it is assuming that money wage is flexible, and labor supply (Ns) is assuming to depend on the expected real wage (W/Pe).

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Expansionary monetary policy such as increase in money supply shift AD curve to the right from (AD to AD1 and AD2). These cause output rise from (Y0 to Y1 to Y2) and rise in employment from (N0 to N1 to N2) as well as price level rise from (P0 to P1 to P2). As employment increase, the unemployment rate will reduce. This induce the increase in money wage from (W0 to W1 to W2)
As increase in Ad cause rise in price level then other variable remain equal, the fasters the growth in Ad cause higher rate in inflation. Keynesian model implies that their trade-off between inflation and unemployment.

As Philip curve explain that the more quickly AD growth, the large rightward shift in AD, and other variable being equal, the faster rate of growth in output and employment. For given labor force, unemployment rate will be lower the as the fasters rate of growth in AD.
Increase in the money supply leads to an increase in employment and output in the short- run, until labor supplier correctly perceives the increase in price level that result from expansionary monetary policy action. Keynesian view that expectation about price are backward-looking so increase in money supply will affect output and employment.
In the new classical model, it is assuming that people are behave on rational expectation. Rational expectations imply that the workings of the economy are understood, and that fiscal and monetary policy will be anticipated rendering the policy ineffective. Where there is adequate information, people form beliefs about the economic future that are reasonably accurate. Based on their judgments, people adjust their economic behavior accordingly. As labor market were very competitive, new information is quickly absorbed. These variables expected include level on money supply, (Me), government spending (Ge), tax collection (Te), autonomous investment (Ie) and other possible variables.

Initially, assume aggregate demand (AD), aggregate supply (AS), labor demand (Nd) and labor supply (Ns) with actual and expected variable is zero with output (Y0), employment (N0), money wage (W0) and price level (P0).

When there is expansionary in monetary policy, there will be an increase in money supply and shift the AD to the right from AD(M0) to AD(M1). These changes also cause output rise from Y0 to Y’1 and rise in price level from P0 to P’1. With the rise in price, labor demand (Nd) would shift to the right from Nd(P0) to Nd(P’1). Increase in price also will increase money wage from W0 to W’1. New equilibrium moves from point A to B.

However, because the increase in money supply was anticipated, there would also increase in the expected money supply because of rational expectation. Labor supplier know that the inflationary effect occurs because of the increase in money supply. This instance cause labor supply (Ns) and AS shifting to the left to Ns (Me 1) and AS (Me1).
As decline in AS, it put further upward pressure on the price level and labor demand shift to Nd (P’1). The new equilibrium at point C where output and employment return to their initial level at Y0, N0 respectively with price level permanently higher at P1 and money wage W1.
New Classical believed that anticipated changes in the money supply do not affect real output and employment in the labor market because people assume have perfect information. With these information, people form rational expectation on upcoming events in the future so economic agents will adjust quickly to eliminate shortages and surpluses in the market.

When increase in the money supply is unanticipated due to monetary surprise, increase in money supply shift AD from Ad (M0) to AD(M1). As price level rises to P’1, labor demand also shifts to the right to Nd(P’1). As money supply is unanticipated, it does not affect the labor supplier’s expectation. Price level will take place in current period, so the labor supply does not shift. These cause changes in output and employment which output rise from Y0 to Y1 and employment will also rise from N0 to N1 and money wage rise to W’1. New equilibrium moves from A to B.

Everyone can be a leader. But did we know to be a good leader not a simple as a word? Leader or leadership in general, we can say as someone in the higher position. But it also can be defined as someone who needs to lead in an organization or people and ability to do something. “Leadership refers to the ability of an individual (leader) to influence (through a set of behaviors) a group of individuals to achieve a common goal”, (Northouse, 2014). Meanwhile, being a leader is a process for someone to know themselves and can be inspiring for others.
However, to be a leader in business “path-goals theory suggests leaders motivate followers by making the path to goal accomplishment clear by removing obstacles that might impede the accomplishment of those goals”, (Ledbetter, 2016). A leader in a business way is the main thing for someone know their future like what they want for their organization and how the planning can success. “Leadership occurs when the organization builds a cadre of future leaders who have the capacity to shape an organization’s culture and create patterns of success”, (Ulrich and Smallwood, 2014).
Moreover, here are seven quality to be a good leader which is a leader should have strategic planning and clear vision, integrity with others, give the commitment in work, stay humble, have a good effective communicator, be confidences and good in teamwork so that people can inspire them as a leader.


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2.1 Strategic Planning and Clear Vision
Being a good leader for an organization should have a strategic planning and a clear vision. As a leader, they know what they want for the future to achieve the target. Besides, the only leader can decide what they want to be and what should they do for their organization. In a business organization, if we do not have a vision, it will make us easy to give up and we will not see how the organization be like in future. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion”, (Jack Welch, 2018). It’s mean, even we not a success for the first trial or had been rejected, we should try again until dreams come true. For example like Jack Ma, where he had been rejected to enter Oxford thirty times, but it doesn’t mean he fails forever. He wakes up and creates new ideas for business e-commerce which is Alibaba.com. Even people said, the ideas not logically but he believes he can make it.
      2.2 Integrity
People always said be integrity in the organization. But that we truly understand about integrity? According to Zig Ziglar one of the motivational speaker, “With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide. With integrity, you will do the right thing, so you will have no guilt”. Integrity can be defined as do the right thing with the right way and being truthfulness in job given. A leader with full integrity is key for them to succeed in business. So, “Integrity is one of the fundamental values that employers seek in the employees that they hire. It is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work. Integrity is the foundation on which coworkers build relationships, trust and effectiveness interpersonal relationships”, (Susan, 2018). For example like when in a team have two leaders, then one of the leaders get the new project but he or she not share with another leader because he or she afraid other leaders can do more better rather than him. So, he or she takes advantage to tell their close group. This situation will give an impact for them, where workers will not respect or follow their rules because of no teamwork in their feel and he or she also didn’t have integrity work in the team.
      2.3 Commitment
As a leader, we not only focus on what the worker do for us, but a leader should give commitment with what they want for their organizations. If teams look up with what leader do, of course, they will inspire them to commit to the work.
One of the reason leaders should commitment with the work because it can make the teams motivated in what leader do where they should together with the leader to ensure the work can succeed in right time. I have watch Jack Ma video where they said, “Be a good leader never complained others, never complain about the work and always committed with the work besides always think positive”. As a business person, never complain and think positive from negative side is a key for someone committed with their work. This is because, from the clear vision, they know what they want. So as a leader, they will gain knowledge from a professional person who has more experiences in business and try to learn to make the worker easy to do the job and ensure the strategic success in a good way.   
2.4 Stay Humble
Stay humble even your position higher than them but work closely with them to hear the problems. Be a good leader not only the status that you get but stay humble and try close with them and give them space to do their job and try to share their ideas. It will make the organization become better with a variety of ideas when have worker think out of a box. Cooperate with staff and understand their responsibility and work together with them. This is because
they will work for you and as a result, twenty percent of your people contribute
80 percent of your result (Brian Tracy, 2013). According to Marissa Mayer CEO
of Yahoo, “Every employee you hire is an idea factory and more they understand what your startup does, the higher is the probability for them to come up with ground-breaking, disruptive ideas”.
2.5 Good Effective Communicator
In business organizations, be an effective communicator is the important thing where a leader should explain to the worker start from bottom level until top level,
each department and as well as via phone, email and social media. This is because communication through verbal and non-verbal can help each of them exchange the ideas and ensure parallel with their goals. Communication by words has the power to motivate people and make them do the unthinkable.
Communications in business are the way for someone come out the creative ideas, this is because we can see from them how the strategic planning that they can do to improve the organizations like do some advertising for business.
Moreover, a leader in business not only work alone but it full with the team such as an event where all staff need participated and if leader not communicates well with them or give instructions it can make miscommunication problem between leader and staff. Besides, as a good leader, they should admit their own mistakes without others say negative at the back. A leader also not a perfect person, and sometime they should lower the ego to give inspired for their staff where admit own mistakes. From that, we can learn how to improve it. “No
one ever became a great leader without first becoming a great communicator”,
(Dr. Travis Bradberry co-founder of TalentSmart).
2.6 Confidence
Be a leader, they should confidence in what they decide for their organizations. This is because being confident enough to ensure others follow your commands. To be a great leader, sometimes we need oozing with confidences, show some swagger and assertiveness to gain the respect of your subordinates. It doesn’t mean we should over confidences, but sometimes you should at least reflect the degree of confidences required to ensure that your followers trust you as a leader. If we, not confidence in what we want to do it will become a big trouble for organizations. This is because once your company has
good quality and people believe in your services, of course, your workers will stay and work hard to achieve more target based on your planning. If a leader not unsure with their own decisions, then your subordinates will never follow you.
For example like Dato’ Sri Aliff Syukri B. Kamarzaman, where he likes to do a gimmick and many people said it looks like annoying. But, his not doing this for the glamorous but to generate income. So, confidence is a weapon for businessman or women do something different with others and make it as the trademark.
      2.7 Good in Teamwork
Teamwork and inspired your worker can make your organizations becomes more strategic and the workers will feel the environments not only for work but it also fun to do the work with leaders. Sometimes a leader must go down with bottom level. If we do not go in lower level, we will not see their ideas where sometimes have people more creative rather than leaders. That is opportunities for the company to improve the problem or staff problems to ensure it will not happen again. For example like Vivvy Yusof founder of Fashion Vallet where she makes their company informal environment so she takes it all their staff as their friends. I have seen her as active businesswomen where every time to do a
meeting, she will do all their team and make it not informal. Moreover, they will ask others opinions to make it the project will success with a variety of ideas.
In conclusion, we know being a leader not a simple as a word but that is the process for someone learn and know themselves. Leadership would motivate and empower people as implementing a great vision requires inspiration and energy (Kotter, 2001; Higgs and Dulewicz, 2016). According to Brian Tracy (2018), “Leadership is more who you are than what you do”. “Leader has a huge role to play in the future success of any organization but we must learn to appreciate that one leader can do very well in one culture, but not so well in another, so it is vital that organizations have an effective assessment and development strategy in place to deliver their business agenda”, (Povah, L., 2012). Each organization can succeed if have a good leader with good quality and they will ensure dreams come true.


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