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Last updated: January 27, 2019

1) My perception about him: Souvik is from Kolkata. I had perception about him that he might be a typical Bengali kind of person. Generally, there is a mentality of people that Bengalis are dirty in terms of cleanliness.

So, had I.This was the perception based on STEREOTYPE in my mind.2) Why such Perception?I have couple of friends who are Bengali.

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They both were very dirty with their work in terms of cleanliness. Hence, I had perception that Souvik might also be the same to some extent. This perception error made by me was of HORN EFFECT type.3) Internal & external factors for causing this perception.1. Internal factor was my past experience as mentioned above.

My perceptions were based on the mixture of HORN EFFECT and STEREOTYPE.2. External factor was the mentality of society.Again, here I was being STEREOTYPE about the perception of Souvik.All the perceptions which I had in my mind were some or other type of perception errors like STEREOTYPE, HORN EFFECT, RECENCY EFFECT etc.

4) Were the perceptions, right?Definitely No. He is absolutely a different person than what I had imagined.5) Conclusion:Each person on this earth is different.

What we think about a person just by looking at him/her or his/her background might be wrong.


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