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Last updated: January 22, 2019

1. In the United States, 1 in every 68 individual is diagnosed with autism.2. Autism is common in boys, 1 in every 42 boys are diagnosed with it.

3. 1% of world’s population has Autism Specter Disorder. 4. In 1943, Dr.

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Leo Kanner was the first to describe the word ‘autism’.5. 2nd April is celebrated as World Autism Awareness Day.6. At the age of 3-5 autism can be diagnosed. 7. If we analyze the symptoms when the baby is 18 months then the treatment can be helpful.8.

Worldwide, approximately 67 million people suffer from autism.9. There is no cure for autism, only Verbal Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and other therapies help to live an easy life. 10. 15-30% of autistic people also suffer from epilepsy.11. Many scientists believe that autism is caused by a genetic vulnerability with the combination of environmental factors. 12.

1 in every 10 premature infants has autism.13. 1 in 189 girls is autistic in the US.14. Autistic babies fail to flap arms, don’t respond to their names, and avoid eye contact.

15. The parents should closely examine the behavior of child for early diagnosis. 16. Autism has three major symptoms- problem with social interaction, communication problem and repetitive behavior.

17. An autistic child has difficulty in sharing emotions and understanding feeling of others.18.

The family with one autistic child has 5- 20% chances of having a second child also autistic.19. Mother with autoimmune diseases has three times greater risk of having an autistic baby.20. Majority of autistic adult don’t have jobs.21.

The leading cause of death among autistic children is drowning.22. Nowadays there are many TV series on the life of an autistic person.23. Many researchers have shown that pregnant women who are exposed to traffic pollution during pregnancy have a greater risk of a child with autism.24. Many autistic children are extra sensitive to light and sound.

25. Autistic people don’t like changes in their routines, they don’t feel safe so they always follow the same routine.26. There are many cases of bullying of autistic children.27. Chances of autism increases in child, when the age of the father is above 40 years.28. Influenza, flue or fever for more than a week during pregnancy increases the chances of autism.

29. Autism occurs across the world to any races or ethnicities.30. Children with autism are more than the combined number of juvenile diabetes, cancer, and pediatric AIDS. 31.

Half of the autistic children have above average or average IQ level.32. Care for Autism Spectrum Disorder patients is very expensive; it may cost you up to $2.

2 million.33. Autistic boys and girls behave differently to the situations.34.

Few cases of autism are related to the history of depression in the family.35. Autism is a life-long condition; it does not improve with age. 36. A trained dog with autistic child reduces the stress, aggressive nature and dependence.37. Autism does not affect the life expectancy of the person.38.

There are rare cases when autistic people improved conditions with age. 39. Every autistic person is different. The symptoms are different in every one.40. It was a myth that autism is caused by the bad parenting.

41. If one of the identical twins has autism then there is 90% of having in another twin.42. If autistic children are encouraged then they talk fairly otherwise most of the autistics don’t speak at all.

43. In Belgium and Netherlands autistic people can be euthanized.44. It is a popular myth that vaccines cause autism. 45. Lower Vitamin D level during pregnancy can trigger autism.46.

The ‘intense world theory’ of autism proposes that autistic people feel and sense so much that’s why they shut down.47. Scientists and researchers believe that autism, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or any other mental disorder are related to the same genes.

48. There are some theatres with Autism Friendly Screenings with dark light and low volume.49. There was a myth that mothers who are cold and distant from their kids have autistic babies.

50. Donald Triplett is the first autistic child and was diagnosed by Dr. Kanner.51. There are some people who believe that giving bleach enema can cure autism.52. The brain anatomy of an autistic person and a normal person is same.53.

It is a popular myth that autistic people lack imagination and creativity. Not everyone is creative but there are people who are very creative.54. There are no tests like a blood test or urine test that can help in diagnosing autism. 55. Doctors use behavioral tests to diagnose autism.56.

The Autism Spectrum Disorder is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders. 57. Autistic related movie ‘Rain Man’ has won the most Oscars for any autism-related films.58. Scientists and parents are arguing about whether autism is a disability or just another kind of personality development.59.

Researchers recommend that they pass an autism test if the child does not “boo and bubble” at the age of 12 months, does not speak a single word for up to 16 months, does not add two words to the phrase for up to 24 months, and loses previously acquired speech and social skills in any age.60. Stephen Wiltshire- autistic savant and artistic. He became famous for his huge panoramic paintings, which he draws from a simple ballpoint pen. He remembers the landscapes by just seeing it once.

He has drawn many famous streets, he even painted a significant part of London, New York, Tokyo.


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