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Last updated: September 18, 2019

1.7 Limitation of the StudyBank fraud and its effect on the performance of banks is an extensive topic that may involve commercial banks and other financial institutions. The researcher preferred to touch all aspects of banking activities but for lack of time and financial constraints the researcher limit his work to frauds in commercial banks found in central zone of Tigray.1.8 Definition of Terms? Fraud: a deceit or trick deliberately practiced in order to gain some advantages.

Deliberate deceit or an act of deception aimed at causing a person or organization to give up property or some lawful right. The use of once occupation for personal enrichment through the deliberate misuse, misapplication or employment of organizational resources or assets.(The association of Certified Fraud Examiners,2013).? Internal fraud: fraud committed by staff member of the organization.? Bank fraud: the use of fraudulent means to obtain money, assets, or other property owned or held by a financial institution or to obtain money from depositors by fraudulently representing to be a bank or financial institution.

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