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1. SWOT analysis of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and specific competitive property according to SWOT.
– Nova Scotia has 25 best attractive tourist sights. (Kejimkujik Park, Tidal bore rafting, Cape Breton highlands national parks, whale watching adventure, and so on.)
– It is the best place for music lovers as they organise musical fest with world-famous root music.
– Halifax has a famous pub with live light music.
– Nova Scotia is the best place for lobster lovers.
– Nova Scotia is covered with huge mountains, pastoral fields with many seaside trails so it is the best place for hiking.
– The travelling distance from Toronto to Nova Scotia by car is 17 hours and 29 minutes and by air, it will take 2 hours and 8 minutes which was pretty long time for youngsters.
– Nova Scotia is well-known for tourist attraction for its adventure place and beauty sights.
Threats- Nowadays, whole Canada becomes best and attractive place for tourist whether they are domestic from other provinces or from other countries, so this will reduce the percentile of tourist in Nova Scotia.
– Fox Harb’s Resort give a great opportunity to the tourist and give best-staying experience with, indoor pool, tennis court, golf court, spa and gym for fitness.
– Bicycle riders love this place as it is well maintained and designed for bicycling and there are many shops from there tourist buy cycle on a rental basis.
– The Island is surrounded by warm summer water and best for deep fishing.
– The travelling distance from Toronto to Nova Scotia by car is 16 hours and 08 minutes and by air, it will take 2 hours and 8 minutes which was pretty long time for youngsters.
– This the best place for sea or beach lovers as it is fully covered by ocean.
– Prince Edward Island is liked by every aged group tourist whether they are old or young.
– Tourist has to be a concern and serious about there families as the Island is covered by deep ocean.
– Nowadays, whole Canada becomes best and attractive place for tourist whether they are domestic from other provinces or from other countries, so this will reduce the percentage of tourist on this particular island.
– Delta Hotel by Marriott give a wonderful experience to the guest who come this island with free Wi-Fi, gym, free water bottle service and last but not the least a concept bar.
– Best place for landscapers.
– Great driving fun you have gained over there.
– For stay, a rural touch tourist has got.
– There are many varieties of English are usually spoken over Newfoundland, so it makes difference for the newcomers or travellers.
– They sell beer only in a gas station not even in the grocery store.
– As everybody knows Canadians take public holidays seriously and have fun to do fun that full and want to feel relax so in Newfoundland they have St. John’s George Street, where they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with wearing green outfits.
– There are lots of pubs and strip clubs at Newfoundland and under 18 years old girls are working over there. So, it gives bad impact on small infant and a higher number of peoples don’t want to come back in this province, and it is a threat to Newfoundland.
– The Luxus Boutique Hotel, amenities and free breakfast is free for meeting room visitors, free Wi-Fi in public area, fitness centre and self-parking.
• Leisure tourist – leisure tourist is those who want to take a break from their daily life and go on vacations for leisure purposes. Examples of leisure activities include relaxing on the beach, visiting campgrounds and heritage places and experiencing local tourist attractions.

• Adventure tourist – Nova Scotia is heaven for skiers and snowmobilers. Adventures tourists usually seek for the unusual and exciting experience. These tourists usually take part in dangerous activities.
• Youth tourist – these types of tourist usually goes to Nova Scotia to enjoy events, such as music festivals, jazz and folk music festivals. These tourists are low on budget and travel independently. They usually travel to experience adventure.

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• Sport and recreation tourist – These tourists usually go to Nova Scotia to either watch or to participate in the sporting events. Some popular activities may include Whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking and kayaking.
3. Identify high, low and shoulder seasons. What types of tours might you add to re- energise your business?
• High seasons – Tourists usually come to Nova Scotia in summers. Most tourists visit in June, July, and August. Temperature is between 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Days are quite long in these three months. June, July, and August is an appropriate time to visit beaches, enjoying the music festivals doing Whitewater rafting, skiing, hiking.
• Low seasons – there is a decline in the level of tourism in September and October. Autumn season come in these months. Valley turned into red, green and orange leaves. Days are usually bright in these two months and its valuable time to enjoy art festivals and music events.
• Shoulder seasons – In November and December, the level of tourism is shallow. Almost all tourists are closed until springtime. Temperature lies below freezing or near to freezing in morning and nights.
I would like to focus on Arts and culture events and indoor music festivals in November and December. In these months, level of tourism is quite low. So, these types of tours will boost the level of tourism particular in November and December.
– They have long-term management.
– Franchise use its own capital that the investment was less, so ROI will be higher.
– Franchises have a more chance to expand its business.
– The franchise formed with highly motivated personnel so they have the best skill workers with them.
– They always have a red eye on the quality control and they usually control best as compared with an individual unit.
5. Four Different Flags and Their Advantages and Disadvantage
Metropolitan Hotel Toronto Convert to Double Tree Hilton
The advantage of this reflagged is hotel location. It is perfect for a concert. Walking distance from union station, connecting Toronto to U.S. and rest of Canada.
Disadvantages for this convert is awful parking, small parking and no valet possibility.
Delta Meadowvale Reflagged as Hilton
This property is situated in the west of Toronto, near Niagara Falls. Having terrific position within Meadowvale park. Guest incoming for business can take benefit of the conference rooms.
As it was converted into Hilton brand. Many guest reviews about their expensive rates. Which can be pointed at a disadvantage.

King Edward Hotel Reflagged by Omni Hotels and Resorts
Historic hotel and 1st luxury hotel in Toronto, offering 301 luxury guest rooms and suites. Omni group of hotels got great benefit reflagged this property because the hotel is having its own attraction.
The disadvantage of taking over the property is that it is not having the pool.
Boca Raton hotel is reflagged by double tree by Hilton and opened by name of Waterstone Resort & Marina Boca Raton, curio collection by Hilton.
With its beautiful location, Boca is 139 rooms with balconies with panoramic view of Atlantic Ocean. Its a 9 stories hotel with sandy beach. The advantage of this reflagged names Hilton property to get their 1st hotel near the ocean with all the amenities. With making a lot of sales and attracting more tourist day by day.
The main disadvantage of the hotels is its price come to surrounding hotels.
6. Four Advantages of Joining a Consortium
in travelling and tourism, a consortium shows an organization made up of free travel operators and offices. They consolidate to support their acquiring power, payments and in addition offices, they can give clients. It used to describe a gathering of movement organizations that have consolidated to accomplish more upper hands, a superior offer in the market and an expansion in circulation.
it can describe as a group of travel agencies who together joined for competitive advantages for achievements. The direct benefits of agreements with these agencies are that, when it comes to booking hotel rooms for their business clients, their preferential searches will be for hotels that are integrated within the consortium, ahead of their competitors. In this way:
• Greater booking potential: travel operators first take a look at taking an interesting lodging while choosing the correct property for their customers
• High-yield business: travel specialists by and large influence higher normal every day to rate (ADR) appointments
• Increased book ability: more noteworthy presentation in the GDS by having the capacity to utilize the Consortia’s arranged rate code
• Increased permeability: extra presentation in organization showcasing insurances, databases, interchanges, and so on advancing the Consortia’s lodging programme
7. Best option for your business for future investors or purchases?
The best decision for increasing Maritime sales and company’s value is rebranding. As joining hands with Hilton hotel and Resorts will lead to productivity as a part of present and prospects.
As a part of business plan Maritime is looking for success and growth for a brief period. While joining hands with a consortium would be more time utilizing and hassle decision. As Hilton already has a well -renowned name in the hotel and resort industry. Which could be an essential tool for generating revenue, increasing sales and advertising to attract people to visit this property in Nova Scotia.
8. History of Hilton hotel and resorts?
Hilton is known as worldwide famous hotel and resort chain for providing full services hotels and rebranding as Hilton brand. Initially, the company was founded by Conard Hilton in 1919 named as Mobley Hotel in Cisco, Texas. Since then Hilton has played a dominant role in the hospitality industry. However, the very first hotel originally named as Hilton was open in Dallas, Texas with facilities like elevators, air shafts, and various non-customer facilities.
In 1994, Hilton launched rewards point as well as air miles to the customers. Hilton received a great response while entering social media market as in 2010 they become first hotel brand or company to strive 50,000 Facebook fans and in 2012 they launched their first official app.
The most recent achievement of Hilton was in 2016 when they entered the benchmark of 100 countries and territories all around the word.


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