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Last updated: January 26, 2019

1) Communication plays a major role in project management. It is the way to success. The whole project starting from the bid contract to handing over the quality deliverables to the customer/client depends upon the way of communication and understanding the requirements or needs of the customer. The complete project consists of various departments and numerous people involved with individual roles and responsibilities. They apply an excessive amount of time in communicating with Teams. They should clearly communicate with each and every department regarding the project requirements and deliverables. It has to be defined clearly what has to be performed and what was the anticipated deliverable that is expecting. Communication breakdown will result in project delay and sometimes lead to project failure.

Good communication leads to delegate the effective tasks and transfer the open inquiries around them. It helps in to meet the timelines and track the project progress. It is very important to Project manager in communicating the important decisions to the team in writing the document or sending mails to maintain the records for future communications. It helps in documenting, report and record the project tasks, timelines, budget, costs etc. 2) Before taking a decision in giving project manager responsibility to herb, many factors need to be considered that influence the project manager position.

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Generally, in assigning the PM role you need to consider the PM skills that an individual had. Those skills include most importantly, communication skills, Decision-making skills, leadership skills, problem-solving skills, time management skills, are essential to make a project successful. PM should have the proper exposure to many concepts like Network modeling, Budgeting, risk management etc. As discussed in the case study Herb had proper exposure in R&D as well as in manufacturing departments. The requirement needs someone who is experts and worked in R&D and manufacturing units. For some extent, the management had taken the right decision in selecting herb as a Project manager. But the company should insist the Herb take some of the PM course or certifications like PMP or SCRUM. Herb previous records show that he will interact with other team members only in the team meetings, in order to become a PM he should overcome this.

The company has taken the only experience into the consideration, they also need to see an individual PM skills too, in assigning a PM.3) Herb had the communication issues with Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. There was some type of communication gap between Alice, Bob, Betty, and Frank. Herb was not communicating clearly as a project manager to his teammates. They didn’t understand clearly what herb was trying to say and they are missing a piece of information or message that has been communicated by the Herb. As a Project manager herb should clearly define the tasks to their teammates and Herb should make sure that the team had understood the communicated message clearly. Moreover, Herb needs to maintain a record either in document format or conveying through emails to his teammates.

This help in keeping the records. The breakdown communication happened with Alice is encoding. For Betty, it’s a feedback, Frank its encoding/decoding and for Bob it’s not properly conveyed.


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