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Last updated: July 29, 2019

1. What are the main duties of the different team members that Mr. Spencer should put together to ensure the success of the “Post-It” project?- Of the duties required of the team of scientists to the success of this project. Is to make a team of scientist’s great efforts to promote ideas and the necessary things in their environment and provide them with innovators who take these ideas and think of ways to improve or develop. The manager must have a passion for providing all that is new and innovative to the team to encourage them to achieve work.2. What kind of ethical concerns could arise when working on the “Post-It” project?- It is unethical to make people pay for something which is may be had cheap quality and when promoting the product somebody lie and may tell more than what the product is really advantages for.

3. What are the different pros and cons of putting together a team that will handle the “Post-It” project? Based on these pros and cons what would be your recommendations for Mr. Spencer?- Pros: The presence of a project management team is a knowledge of dealing with each case and there are ways to solve problems. They will have a common direction to follow and more ideas to share different views to find a solution to a particular situation. When a large group works on an idea, work is done faster and more efficiently.

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– Cons: The group wastes more time thinking about an idea that may be delayed at the start of the project.- Sometimes the group members are less focused because they do not know each other and do not adapt to each other. – The Mr. Spencer shouldn’t say “no” for an idea, that will lead the team accept the new ideas and face any difficulties to achieve the project.4. Each team has always a leader who will oversee the progress of a project.

What are these duties in the specific context of the “Post-It” project?- The leader makes sure that each member of the team completes his work on time.-  The commander must ensure that all teams work together accurately and correctly.- Great leadership invest in the project from their own money.

Leaders are the link between different teams and CEO.- – In the project “Post it” the development of long-term strategies was the real challenge of the leader. It tracks the numbers and instant outputs, they must make sure to get the benefit of the product.


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