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Last updated: February 18, 2019

1. Explain why the classful IP Addressing is not feasible to accomplish the task by using class B and C Based on this scenario, the 8 class C networks technically gives you enough addresses to accommodate the 1800 hosts, but barely enough. Therefore there is a chance that the networks would need to be carved up quite a bit for example: likely needing to spread out multiple networks across a large area. As a result you would lose a certain amount of address space to overhead.

Most probably nearly 90% could lead to depletion. Using a class B address would give us much more room for future growth and it would be much easier to partition2. What is the most suitable technique to form a network with 1800 hosts? The most suitable network technique to form a network with 1800 hosts is known as subnetting.

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It is a set of techniques that you can use to efficiently divide the address space of a unicast address prefix for allocation among the subnets of a network3. What is / are the principle / principles of the technique mentioned in ii) • By using the method of subnetting we as network administrators have the capability of separating it to smaller portions as per our necessity. This somehow helps to decrease the flow of traffic thus preventing the complicated ways of the network• All computers need the subnet mask field filled when configuring IP• How to determine the number of subnets and the number of hosts per subnet• It helps us create various logical networks that exist within a single class network• If you create a network of interconnected subnetworks, every data link on this network would be categorized with a unique network or subnetwork id.4. Describe / display how to create the network with 1800 hosts using the technique mentioned in ii) and principles mentioned in iii Network Address – 200.100.

25.11/25For 1800 hosts – (2^7= 128 – 2 = 126)Therefore subnet mask is 25, Maximum Subnets – 128, Maximum IP addresses –126New Network IP Range -200.100.

25.0/255. Provide the following • The network ID of the new network with 1800 hosts –, • The subnet mask –, • The valid range of the new network – –• The broadcasting ID of the new network –


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