1. 300 years into the future, plastic surgery operations was a norm.
2. Once you turn 16 years old, you receive a “pretty” operation. It transforms you into a ‘normal’ citizen.
3. After the operation, you basically start a new life.
4. People who lived before this catastrophe are called “Rusties.”
5. Tally is 15.
6. Her best friend, Peris, has already had the operation and, Tally decides to sneaks across the river to New Pretty Town.
7. On her way, she meets Shay, another Ugly.
8. They become friends and Tally is taught how to ride a hoverboard from Shay.
9. Shay then brings up rebelling against the operation.
10. Tally, at first ignores her comment, but takes it seriously when Shay runs away.
11. On the day of Tally’s operation, she is taken to Special Circumstances.
12. She meets Dr. Cable, a woman who is described as “a cruel pretty”, is the head of Special Circumstances.
13. She gives Tally a choice to either help locate Shay and the Smoke, or never become a pretty.
14. Tally chooses and ends up cooperating with Dr. Cable.
15. Dr. Cable provides her with the materials/supplies needed for her to survive in the wild.
16. Tally is also given a heart locket that contains a tracker to track her moves.
17. The heart notifies Special Circumstances where Tally’s exact location is.
18. Tally finds Shay and David, including other runaways just like them.
19. Tally is reluctant based on her decisions, which assures David that he loves her.
20. David takes her to meet his parents, Maddy and Az, who are the original runaways from the city.
21. Tally and David explain how the operations really work and is.
22. It also causes lesions in the brain to make the people placid, or “pretty-minded.” Horrified, Tally decides to throw the locket away burning I the fire and keep the secret of the runaways.
23. However, the flames’ heat causes the tracker to activate, giving away the Smoke’s location.
24. The next day, Special Circumstances arrives at the camp and Tally tries to escape.
25. She wasn’t successful and gets caught, taken to a rabbit pen, where other caught Smokies are kept as well.
26. Eye scans are taken from the Smokies, identifying from which city they fled.
27. Tally is then taken to Dr. Cable, who explains how they found the Smoke. Dr. Cable thinks Tally activated the pendant on purpose.
28. After being ordered to give the pendant, Tally manages to escape on a hoverboard.
29. After a chase, she hides in a cave where tracking her heat signature doesn’t work.
30. There she finds David, hiding too, and they begin to work out a rescue plan.
31. Tally and David go back to his house, where they find out that Special Circumstances took Maddy and Az.
32. David leads Tally to a secret place where survival equipment is and the found everything they need, and load them onto the four hoverboards stashed there.
33. As Tally and David travel back to the city, they fall in love. Arriving at the Special Circumstances place, they find out that Shay has already been turned into a Pretty.
34. After meeting Dr. Cable, David knocks her out and takes her device.
35. Tally and David free all the Smokies that were captured and help in the complex. Maddy then tells David that Az is dead.
36. Once everyone is safe, Maddy begins working on a cure.
37. Since Tally feels responsible, she decides to become a Pretty and take the cure as a “willing subject.”
38. While David with Az’s death, Maddy suggests that Tally should go back with Shay before her mind changes, just in case.
39. When she gets there, Tally announces to a Middle Pretty, “I’m Tally Youngblood. Make me pretty.”

Heart Shaped Pendant
The heart shaped pendant is a tracker and which Tally was supposed to activate as soon as she got to the Smoke. This pendant is not just a symbol of Tally’s treachery, but also a symbol of her internal struggle.
White Tiger Orchids
The white tiger orchids symbolizes an excessive good that has turned evil because there is too much of it. The orchids can be compared to the Pretties.
Hoverboards are a symbol of maturity, mostly for Tally.
Scarred Hands
Scarred hands symbolize friendship, mostly for Tally. The scar itself was created when Peris and she cut their palms and swore to be best friends forever.

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Power of Appearance
It is demonstrated that prettiness and ugliness are both relative terms. When Tally was an ugly, she waited for the surgery. However, when she learned that things are not the way they appear to be, she quickly coiled away. The ugly truth under all that prettiness is that undergoing the surgery would mean having brain lesions and part of her former identity erased; most Pretties are gorgeous but have flaws such as vainness. Also, in Tally’s society, appearances are emphasized. As Uglies, they are encouraged to be nicknamed by their imperfections. By comparison, in a world with perfect faces, average faces would be considered ugly. But among Pretties, because there is no comparison, they are constantly unsatisfied and often change their looks on a weekly basis by surgery. It thus implied that in a world where perfection is so easily attainable, people would still soon be unsatisfied and seek for more.

1.1 Explain how a working relationship is different from a personal relationship?
Working relationships develop in a planned and structured way and a personal relationship happens naturally and we can choose who we want to be friends with but we do not choose who we can work with. Working relationships have clear boundaries and acting professional is key in the role where as a personal relationship is informal and socialising is more about sharing personal moments.

1.2 Describe different working relationships in social care settings?
Effective working relationships involve complying with ways of working agreed by the workers and the employer these are set out in the core set of values. Valuing and respecting each team member and being honest and openly communicating when positive outcomes have been achieved and when improvements need to be made. Effective team working can ensure that tasks are completed quickly and efficiently and that any difficulties or challenges are shared and acted on by the whole team.

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3.1 Explain why it is important to work in partnership with others?
Working well and in partnership with others is important for you to improve your understanding of others’ roles, practices and approaches, in turn this improves your knowledge of skills. Your work setting to create a more skilled workforce. The service users to provide care and support to ensure that the care or support provided is consistent and holistic. Other people you work with in partnership for team building and share skills and knowledge. Other agencies you work with to pool resources and help everyone to work together effectively.

3.2 Identify ways of working that can help improve partnership working?
For partnerships to work well it is important that the role of each partner and the aims of the partnership are made clear to everyone who is involved to improve trust and knowledge of each others contributions. It is essential for everyone involved to communicate openly and be clear about decisions reached as well as listening to and addressing ideas and conflicts which may a rise.

3.3 Identify skills and approaches needed for resolving conflicts?
The skills that are needed to resolve conflict are empathy to gain a better understanding of another persons view, assertiveness to clearly state your point of view,honesty to express how you feel,creativity to see how a conflict could become an opportunity. Negotiation; mediation to enable others to move towards making improvements and agreeing on ways forward.
Approaches for resolving conflicts need to be constructive and to treat each party with respect. Needing to focus on the conflict only and not to blame an individual and to use active listening throughout the conflict.

3.4 Explain how and when to access support and advice about:

Partnership working is depending on your experiences that you have developed over time a range of skills and approaches that have proved useful when working in partnership with others. Being able to recognise when you must ask for support and advice is just as important as knowing how to do so. Sources of support in your work place are managers, supervisors and if you need to go further then higher management and if this is not available then a independent external source called advisory concilation and arbitration services.
Resolving conflicts may be uncomfortable about the decision that has been reached, or not feel that the decision reached is in the best interests of the individual concerned or for the team in your work setting.

2.2 Outline what is meant by agreed ways of working?

The agreed ways of working are set out in the companies contract and their policies and standards which are in staff inductions. The agreed ways are standards to follow within your job role and set out how to do the basics in the job. Individuals have care plans to follow and may have agreed ways of working within these to follow. Agreed ways of working are updated regular so policies can be updated at the same time or some time in the future.

2.3 Explain the importance of full and up-to-date details of agreed ways of working?

Policies and procedures are an important way of knowing that you are doing your job correctly and in a safe and effective way. Full and up to date agreed ways of working means that everyone can work consistently and ensure that quality is maintained. Working in this way also keeps your own professional development up to date. Legislation can change and so when it does procedures have to be amended accordingly.

2.1Describe why it is important to adhere to the agreed scope of the job role?

Working within the agreed duties and responsibilities of your job role as a social care worker is also therefore part of your duty of care; not doing so can have consequences for the individuals you provide care and support to,for the rest of your team and for you. Not fulfilling your job role and responsibilities may put your colleagues and other professionals you work with at unnecessary risk,i.e not completing a risk assessment may mean that unsafe working practices will result in injuries and fatalities. Not complying will result in allegations and investigations taken place.

1.1 Explain Why Different Communication Methods are Used in the Business Environment.
Effective communication is pivotal to the straightforward running of an organisation. When communication has taken place accurately, the deliverer and receiver will both have acquired the same information. Within a business environment, certain situations and scenarios will require different methods of communication. For example, a one-to-one or team meeting is most valuable when carried out face-to-face as this is the best way to make sure a point is understood by your colleague(s). on the other hand, if a company wants to distribute a newsletter, this does not need to be as personal as a face-to-face. It can simply be sent out over email. More important and personal issues within an organisation tend to be communicated face-to-face, whereas less significant company wide matters will be issued on a large scale to multiple employees. Within GBE Converge many methods of communication are sourced as we can have face-to-face meetings in our meeting rooms and are also able to send out a newsletter to both organisations via Outlook.

1.2 Describe the Communication Requirements of Different Audiences.

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Your style of communication should be adjusted and adapted depending on the target audience and audience mood. This is decided by considering which form of communication would be the most necessary whether it be written or verbal communication. There are many requirements that might have to be catered for when communicating. The requirements could be: age, gender, ethnicity, ETC. As an example, younger people have much shorter attention spans, whereas older people would be more patient and able to be engaged for a longer period. The style of communication may have to also be altered for an audience. Louder speaking and bigger text may be needed for an older audience, to make sure that they receive all necessary information. when we are communicating something as an organisation we make sure that the information is accessible and understandable to all recipients.

1.3 Explain the Importance of Using Correct Grammar, Sentence Structure, Punctuation, Spelling and Conventions in Business Communications.

Grammar – The idea of using correct grammar is to make sure that what is written can be easily understood. A sentence or paragraph littered with grammatical errors can be very hard to read or maybe cause a misunderstanding. The use of correct grammar when speaking or writing helps people achieve a better understanding of the point.


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