1. Identify some of the problems likely to occur in a boundaryless organization such as Newskool Grooves. What are the advantages of boundaryless organizations?
A few issues that have happened at the Kiev workplaces, directors they said that their PC software engineers discover working with little structure is awkward. They are utilized to the possibility of a solid initiative structure and all-around characterized work forms.
Endeavoring to achieve collaborators in different workplaces who rehearse boundary-less association has turned into an issue for a few chiefs. They said that when they call the workplace they say to hold up until their gathering day which is an issue since they have a prompt issue and can’t simply hold up until the point when they choose to get together.
Engineers dealing with equipment in various areas had a correspondence breakdown which required numerous long periods of exchange to determine which could have been stayed away from if they were all on a similar track. The engineers rarely met up close and personal and all gained ground however every one of them moved in a few bearings with the item advancement.
Preferences of boundaryless associations:
Boundaryless association associations convey primarily through email, telephone and other virtual techniques instead of more customary eye to eye correspondence. The opportunity to telecommunicate with global representatives evacuates land boundaries to profitability and considers plan adaptability. By sorting out master representatives in gatherings and giving them basic leadership expert, these can change rapidly to address issues and capacities effectively in a poorly characterized progressive system.
Representatives never again work in detachment yet function as a piece of a group on load up, far reaching ventures, quality administration, without a moment to spare techniques, lean generation, and inventory network administration, reports US lawful. To be effective, you should feel great in a disorderly free frame work put and have a simplicity of working with individuals to organize the inconceivable measure of systems administration required. At the point when representatives oversee and arrange their very own activities, it cultivates a feeling of pride in the capacity to change and meet the requests of the circumstance encouraging a solid hard-working attitude.
2. Consider some of the cultural issues that will affect a company operating in various parts of the world. What actions would you take to ensure that Newskool’s different offices work effectively with one another?
In the boundaryless organization, headquarter in Berlin, Germany, structure outsourcing organization in Kiev, Ukraine, advertising in Los Angeles, such huge numbers of deferent representatives with various societies are all team up cooperating to accomplish authoritative objectives. Representatives are additionally exceptionally various in qualities, identity, and work inclinations which are profound level decent variety. Some social issues that are delicate in will ascend in the work put and make repulsive things among representatives. They probably won’t cooperate well as they will have a battling in the basic leadership.
A decent research in understanding different organic trademark like sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age or inability, will better the surface level assorted variety. All representatives are inventive and get a kick out of the chance to acknowledge challenges. Along these lines, in this comparable identity and work inclinations, they ought to be underlined in working with others as a group. Preparing for group working with various societies individuals will be very imperative.
Taking a gander at the contentions in Newskool like the challenges in the basic leadership and workers battling to improve contrast with the others. it requires investment to the organization to accompany one choice as every one of the workers can partake in basic leadership. Individuals that are so various will propose diverse arrangements, mirroring their distinctive societies. Possibly it will regard have a legitimate discourse in basic leadership and just couple of administrators can have the power in basic leadership in exchange.
It’s anything but an element of various sort of work individuals must perform. As people from various regions or divisions can contribute their conclusions and ides in a similar work that require one choice. Another contention will be wastefulness. Indeed, extraordinary individuals must perform diverse assignment in their associations, however Newskool is boundaryless. Whenever Gerd, the organizer And the President does not fulfill, he requests that his representatives re-try work assignments. It will cause a loss in assets as Gerd see something uniquely in contrast to his different representatives. In some cases, it regards have pecking order as individuals can know who to allude, which office to work et cetera. This contention is an element of various kinds of work individuals must performed. The representatives that are at some point so overwhelming and think their works are right. Decline to tune in to Gerd and get things done by their own specific manners.
3. Based on what you know about motivation, personality, and organizational culture, what types of people are likely to be satisfied in each functional area of the company? Use concepts from the job characteristics model to describe what might need to change to increase employee satisfaction in all areas.
Sorts of individuals are probably going to be fulfilled are capable, on edge, enabled and open people. This in view of self proficiency theory; this hypothesis alludes to a people conviction that he or she is fit for performing errands. individuals who groups self effectiveness trust that they are able in carrying on in a way that create that result they need. in Newskool Groovers their representatives are partake in basic leadership and choice and advancement, innovative and capable individuals.
Points of interest:
Limit less association can accomplish more noteworthy incorporation and co-appointment they can adjust in natural changes.
It very well may be hard to conquer political and specialist limits. it tends to be tedious to deal with the law-based procedure to co-ordinate the endeavors of many partners.
Focal points of system structures:
1. creation cost lessened through accomplices with bring down expense.
2. high bureaucratic expense stayed away from with a level structure.
3. natural authoritative conduct:
Disservices of system structure:
1. coordination issues rise, trailed by absence of cost decrease and enhanced quality
2.difficulty in supplanting accomplices and keeping restrictive data from contenders.
3. trouble in getting continuous figuring out how to fabricate center capabilities.
outsourcing offers expanded adaptability and decrease cost. planning and hierarchical structure is an undeniably complex administration movement

1. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975.
2. William Henry Gates III is the real name of Bill Gates.
3. He said to his teachers that he would be millionaire at the age of 30.
4. Bill Gates became a billionaire at the age of 31.
5. It was estimated that Bill earns $ 250 per second.
6. If Bill Gates gives each person on Earth fifteen dollars, then also he will be left with 5 million more.
7. Bill Gates was one of the top richest person in the world.
8. The net worth of Bill Gates is more than $91 billion.
9. He wrote his first computer program tic-tac-toe on his school computer.
10. As a teen, he hacked into school computer and changed the class schedule code, and placed himself with mostly female interesting girls.
11. At the age 17, Gates sold his first computer program, a timetable system for his high school for which he pocketed a $4,200.
12. He graduated from Lakeside School, US.
13. He scored 1590 out of 1600 on his SATs.
14. He went to Harvard in 1973 but after two years he left Harvard to chase his dreams.
15. After dropout from college he and his childhood friend Paul Allen continue to form software for new generation computer and the company was called Micro-soft.
16. In 2007, he earned the honorary degree from Harvard University.
17. In 1977, Bill Gates got arrested for driving without license.
18. During his teenage years he read the whole World ‘Book Encyclopedia’.
19. Bill Gates got married in 1994 with Melinda Gates.
20. Melinda Gates was subordinate at Microsoft.
21. Bill Gates is a father of three children.
22. Business Adventures by John Brooks is his all-time favorite book.
23. Harvard teachers have different views about Bill Gates, they says- ‘he is a good programmer but a terrible person.’
24. In 2010, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet founded a foundation called ‘The Giving Pledge’. It is joined by world’s billionaire and they donate at least half of their earnings to the foundation for philanthropic causes.

25. He is the CEO of ‘Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’.
26. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated around $31.1 billion.
27. The foundation works to save life, create awareness, to fight against diseases like malaria and polio and to spread education.
28. At Microsoft, gates used to memorize the license plates of each employee.
29. Bill Gates says that his children will inherit only 10 million dollars each.
30. Bill gates read 50 books a year.
31. He has Gold Card for unlimited fast food from McDonald.
32. In 1994 he purchased Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Leicester for $30 million US.
33. According to him there will be no poor countries by 2035.
34. If Bill Gates spends $1millon in a day, it would take 218 years to complete spend all his money.
35. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs relations were not good but when Steve Jobs was dying, he kept a letter on his bed side.
36. Bill gates’ foundation spend more money every year on world’s health then WHO.
37. Bill Gates says that he will appoint a lazy person to do the work because they will find the easiest way to finish the work early.
38. Bill Gates sold most of the shares of Microsoft to other shareholders.
39. In 2013, Bill gates admitted that Ctrl+Alt+Del was a mistake.
40. He once said that by 2004 spammed email messages problems would be finished.
41. His net worth is 4.5 times more than North Korea’s GDP.
42. in 2005, Gates was knighted by Queen Elizabeth of England with the KBE Order for his charity and contributions.
43. If Bill Gates was country and it would be 37th richest country in the world.
44. When Bill Gates net worth rise dot $101 billion, the media created a new title ‘centibillionaire’ for him.
45. He pays $1 million tax for his house.
46. At the time of his marriage to avoid paparazzi, he rented all the helicopters that can fly over hotel.
47. He booked all the 250 rooms of the hotel where the marriage ceremony was happening.
48. He doesn’t allow any Apple products for usage of the kids and his wife.
49. Bill Gates is a huge fan of Porsche cars, even his first car was Porsche 911.
50. ‘Do not die’ is in the bucket list of Bill Gates.
51. Bill Gates said that he would never release 32bit version of windows but they did it in 1992.
52. Another false prediction of Bill Gates was 640 KB of RAM is enough for the user.
53. In 1997 Bill Gates invested $ 150 million in Apple.
54. In 209, he acquired the rights of Feynman lectures, so that he can put in online and others can learn.
55. In 2014 he resigned from CEO of Microsoft and he is on the Board of Directors.
56. He is the founder of Corbis Corporation, board member of Icos Corporation and he is involved in many more.
57. Bill Gates is author of many books.
58. His great-grandfather was a legislator and mayor, grandfather – vice-president of the State Bank of the State, and his father – a free lawyer.
59. Bill Gates said that internet is not a good idea but soon he corrects himself.
60. Bill Gates saved millions of lives by sponsoring the purchase of vaccines and improving health of the people.

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1) Astrology is not considered a science as it does not have explanatory power to describe the universe. Science requires following strict principles known as scientific method but astrology does not follow this method. Astrology is a matter of chance; if it would be science, we could get the precise, accurate and specific information. According to Popper’s criticism on naive empiricist astrology is a pseudo-empirical, it can be experimented and observed but it does not conforming to scientific standards.
3) Let me give an overview of research process in my understanding: firstly, we need to identify research topic what I want to find about. Then, we define the research problem and set the research question. We already know what is known about this topic but what remains to be known?! Therefore, we try to define the relation that questions emerge with the topic of interest. At the next level, we try to determine how to conduct this research. It means, I need to find the way how to answer the questions. So, what information do I need to answer the questions – is the information collection level of research process. Information analysis and interpretation level is what I managed to find by using methods, tools and techniques to collect and analyze information. At the end, I write my research paper in the form of report, journal, article, thesis or dissertation. I need to summarize the information I found in the applicable for me form.
4) Karl Popper is the prominent proponent of the theory-then-research strategy. He claims that there is a progress in science when conjectures are produced first and then disprove them through empirical research. This means that our research is guided by our theoretical proposition. Data should be collected so that theory can be tested. While the proponent of research-then-theory strategy, Robert Merton argues that this strategy creates new problem for theory that constructs new theoretical formulations which means that through piecing together the explanation and understanding, we make up a theory.
5) An ecological fallacy is an assumption of those relationships apply at a group level also apply at an individual level. For example. My friend is from Japan. He is the most intelligent person I have ever seen. This means people from Japan tend to be highly intelligent but that does not mean that everyone from Japan is intelligent. He does not seem intelligent just because he is from Japan.
6) A relationship observed between two variables that is not consequence of any direct relationship but is incorrectly appeared to be related to each other due to the role of third variable, the fact is called a spurious relationship. For example: if we take Asian Americans, 60% of people between 25 and 29 have already completed college. While the rate of white people is 40%, the rate of black people is much less just 23%. While looking at this picture, we can consider that race has an impact on educational attainment. This is an example of spurious relationship where race does not have an effect but it is racism that mediates the relationship between two variables.
11) Confidence interval is the amount of uncertainty a sample population estimate (the mean or proportion) of a true population. If we want to determine the average age of victims of robbery in Azerbaijan, we can say 30 years old. However, the best is to define interval of true answer that lays in 20-40 years old. The Confidence interval is a sample mean or proportion plus or minus to calculate upper limit and lower limit of sample statistics. In this case, upper limit is 40, lower limit is 20. Before calculating, we should choose either 90%, 95% or 99% of confidence level. This is amount of uncertainty. The true population will be presented in 90%, 95% or 99% of all sample estimated CI. it also means that 10%, 5% or 1% would not contain true population score. Then we keep going to calculate CI by using mean.
12) Longitudinal study is a research design that deals with the collection and analysis of data over period of time. Longitudinal research design tracks the same variables that are growing, developing or changing over long or short period of time. for instance. For example: If we experiment changes for George W. Bush on the pre and post 2000 election surveys and the pre and post 2002 election surveys. The question is: how respondents felt toward George W. Bush as a result of the election?
13) Validity and reliability are the most important elements of quality of test. Validity is about providing strong evidence: what do we measure? Are we measuring what we wish to measure? Reliability is repeatability and consistency of questions. What characteristics are measured and how well?
Questions are indicators, so we should ensure a variety of question types. They can be either open ended or multiple choices. If the questions are open ended it means they are more valid than reliable, on the contrary if they are multiple choices, it means they are more reliable than valid.
14) In order to transform concept of terrorism into a variable, we need to operationalize concept firstly, and go through the process of identifying indicators and then variables. In other words, we can transform concept into variables directly or through indicators. Concept of Terrorism is caused by many possible reasons. I am going to identify multiple indicators that cause a terrorism. Terrorism can be observed both in rich and poor countries regardless type of government. From my perspective, root causes of terrorism are economic factors (variables: social inequality, economic sanctions, unemployment), political factors (variables: government repression, human rights) and social factors (variables: human development, religion). Therefore, terrorism is dependent variable. We know more reasons that lead to terrorism than how terrorism influence on other factors.
15) It is hypothesized that battered/coerced women violence is accepted as a justification for self-defense in homicide cases over the past decade. In my hypothesis, it is the conjecture of the relationship between variables. It is valid because it is falsifiable and may undergo changes until research progresses.
18) Operationalization is part of the empirical research process. For example: how to measure rationality in international relations: Does rationality have an impact in international relations? The importance of conceptualism and their relationship are important. So, both concepts rationality and international relations are to be measured. Thus, empirical research question should be operationalized before the data collection.


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