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Last updated: April 3, 2019

02.8 Yurt & Çavu?o?lu(2014) this research topic was Evaluation of Awareness on Radiation Protection and Knowledge about Radiological Examinations in Healthcare Professionals Who Use Ionized Radiation at Work. The data was obtained from physicians, nurses, technicians and other staff working in different clinics by quisionere. 92 participants took part to this here assessing the knowledge about ionizing radiation level and their awareness about radiation doses. Their level of knowledge about ionizing radiation and doses in radiological examinations were found to be very weak. This study demonstrated that general knowledge in relation to radiation, radiation protection, health risks and doses used for radiological applications are insufficient among health professions using with ionizing radiation in their work.

02.9 Abdellah and Attia (2015) they states that Assessment of Physicians’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Radiation Safety at Suez Canal University Hospital, Egypt. This research was based on self-administered questionnaire including 18 questions for radiation safety was sent to a purposive sample of 120 physicians at Suez Canal University Hospital. The sample included 22 radiologists, 15 oncologists, 25 surgeons and 18 orthopedists. This study demonstrated that physicians at the Suez Canal University Hospital had deficient knowledge, unsafe practices and negative attitude towards radiation safety policies ; precautions.

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02.10 Arslano?lu and Bilgin (2007) this research was based on Doctors’ and intern doctors’ knowledge about patients’ ionizing radiation exposure doses during common radiological examinations. For the methodology process, they given questionnaire is included the radiation doses of routine radiological diagnostic procedures was administered to 177 doctors and intern doctors. They are from 3 university hospitals, and doctors from an education and research hospital, one dispensary, and 3 outpatient clinics. From results they assumed Most of the doctors and intern doctors underestimated real radiation doses and 93.1% of the participants underestimated the actual dose. This study demonstrated that the level of knowledge of the participants was inadequate.

02.11 Szarmach & Piskunowicz(2015) this research said that radiation safety awarenesss level among medical staff. This research was done for the evaluation of the knowledge of radiation safety during radiological examination among medical staff. This survey based on questionnaire that consists with 7 questions with knowledge of effects of exposure to ionizing radiataion related to responders proffesion and work experience. Data obtained by 150 individuals from four professional groups: nurses, doctors, medical technicians, support staff. According to the results nurses – 66 (44%) responders, followed by physicians – 51 (34%) responders and medical technicians – 21 (14%) responders. In addition, 12 (8%) auxiliary staff members (others) were included in the study .
02.12 Sharma & Singh (2016) the topic of this research was an evaluation of knowledge and practice towards radiation protection among radiographers of Agra city. This study based on radiographers who working in various hospitals of agra city. A quesionere is consists with 22 questions dividing 3 sections. First section of questionnaire taken data about socio-demographic details of the study subjects. Second section of questionnaire contained questions about their working pattern in radiology and knowledge of participants regarding radiation protection. The last and third section of questionnaire had questions about their practices regarding radiation protection. Data of 50 participants was included in the final analysis. This research data concluded that (100%) of study sample were aware of use of special materials in doors and walls such as lead for more protection, periodical radiation dose check from TLD and usage of personal Protective devices. 54% had correct knowledge of annual limitation dose for individuals whereas 66% could tell correctly about Dosimeter. Regarding practices, less than 60% of subjects used wall shield during working hours.
03. Problem in brief

In medical imaging modalities that used ionizing radiation to diagnose the health of the patient. Awareness of radiation protection, radiation doses, and risk factors should be an essential tool of every medical imaging examination and it should be a responsibility to have knowledge about above factors of each and every person who works with ionizing radiation in healthcare sectors.
Nowadays most of the medical personnel are having inadequate knowledge of radiation protection, radiation dose levels and risk factors. So in that case, it is a much-needed requirement that we expected by them. In healthcare sector most of the patients undergo various imaging procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, where the department of Radiology plays an important role. Furthermore, it is extremely important to consider the safe


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