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Last updated: April 6, 2019

• To define the purpose of the job.
• Determine the main duties and responsibilities.
• To define the fitness of the job into the structure of the organization.
• Define the knowledge, skills and ability required to perform /carry out the job.
• To list tools and equipment needed.
• Define the level of accountability.
• To examine the relationship between organisation performance and job descriptions.
1.6. Scope and general character of the study
Job analysis cover multitude of activities, all of which are directed toward discovering, understanding, and describing peoples’ functions and roles at work. Job description provides information as to the scope of activities, position of the job and the responsibilities. It gives the employees a very clear picture of what is required of them to meet the goals of their position.

Job analysis will be used as a process of:
• Recording and collecting the information related to a job.
• To check the validity of the job information.
• Write down the job description as per the data gathered.
• Use the gathered data to determine the skills and knowledge that is essential to perform a job.
• Updating the gathered information regularly.

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