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Last updated: February 3, 2020

• Content Marketing: This is a type of marketing that uses idea of having online existence and sharing ideas online. This includes blogs, videos and social media posts. Its main purpose is to trigger the target audience and create interest regarding the products.
• Big Data: Large data sets are interpreted using IT to predict major trends and patterns. Marketing is then done according to those patterns. Netflix is an example. It uses huge amount of data of its users and then come up with more individual recommendations.
• Mobile Marketing: This digital marketing technique aims to reach specific target audience on their smart phones, tablets, etc. Ads seen on social media or mobile apps are also part of this marketing strategy.
• Social Media Marketing: This strategy uses the social media or web portals to promote a product or a brand. This has now become a powerful tool for the businesses today.
• Search Engine Optimization: In this process, a particular website or a web page appears on the top of the list of viewers/audience. This is to increase their awareness regarding some products, etc. (Chaffey, 2017).
• Public Relations: This is basically what your customers speak about your brand and the products. This is the ‘word-of-mouth.’ Now, it’s up to the businesses how they shape up their image in the minds of the customers.
• Conversion rate Optimization: This is a process of increasing the percentage of people who visited a web page and become customers or take some other action. Example can be someone is asked to fill an online survey, etc. (Ansar, 2016).
These are few most common and major marketing trends that the companies are following these days to gain the larger target audience and market share.


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